50/50 Lottery

Hi Parents & Athletes,

The 50/50 Lottery started Wednesday October 15th. Tickets are available for pick up from any of our Parents Club Members. There is no buy-in required for this fundraiser. There are 10 tickets/booklet.

Sold tickets/money are to be put in the Parents Club Mailbox, located in the waiting room.

Ticket sale deadline is October 31st. First draw date is Wednesday, November 5th.

Here’s the rules:

Each ticket cost is $10.00.
$5.00 goes to the athlete for fundraising fees and the other $5.00 goes to the “Pot”.

The buyer will pick 10 numbers from 1-49.

The first person to have all 10 numbers will win the “Pot”. The 50% of earnings will be based on the amount of tickets sold. This will be announced prior to the first draw date.

Numbers are based on the Lotto 6/49 numbers that are drawn on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

The draw will continue until someone has all their 10 numbers picked. If there are more than one winner, the “Pot” will be split accordingly.

The buyer must provide an email address on the ticket submitted to NSC Parents Club. We will be sending out an email the day after the Lotto 6/49 draw has taken place that has a list of all the Ticket #s and the highlighted numbers drawn. All names, emails, personal information will not be given out. The buyer must know their Ticket #. This will be their identifier on the file. If someone loses their ticket/cannot remember their ticket number, NSC Parents Club will be able to let them know what it is.

Please ensure the selling athlete’s name is on the tickets.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you.

NSC Parents Club