America’s Best Championships Competition – Detroit


Here is the schedule for the Detroit competition on February 15th. The  times may change before next weekend so please keep checking throughout next week. There is an admission fee of $10 per spectator. A link to the competition website is below as well as the PDF Performance Order:


Lil’ Dippers – L1 tiny Prep Cheer
Warm up: 7:40 AM
Perform:   8:10 AM

Titans – L1 Mini Cheer
Warm up: 9:10 AM
Perform:   9:40 AM

Mercury – L1 Junior Prep Cheer
Warm up: 9:40 AM
Perform:   10:10 AM

Andromeda – L1 Youth Cheer
Warm up: 10:45 AM
Perform:  12:10AM

Orion – L1 Junior Cheer
Warm up: 11:40 AM
Perform:   12:10 AM

—  AWARDS 11:10AM —

Eclipse – L2 Junior Cheer
Warm up: 1:50 PM
Perform:   2:20 PM

Pheonix – L3 Senior Co-Ed Cheer
Warm up: 3:15 PM
Perform:   3:45 PM

—  AWARDS 3:05 PM —