Cheri McCurdy-Ducre

gym owner - head coach

Gym Owner – Head Coach


Born and raised in Windsor Ontario, Cheri, as she is called, has been involved in a multitude of athletic and social activities. As a young girl she participated in Cross Country, Track and Field, Softball, Ballet and Gymnastics. She experienced success in almost all of her activities having held city records in Cross Country and track and field. In gymnastics she held Regional, Provincial and State (Michigan) titles and had a very rewarding and successful competitive career.

She was first introduced to Cheerleading during a year her family spent in Lansing Michigan when she was picked out of 250 girls who tried out, to be a member of the 8-member team at Gardner Jr. High. Back in Windsor she continued to participate in cheerleading at W.D. Lowe Secondary School until she graduated.

In 1984 she moved to El Paso to attend the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) where she was given a partial scholarship for Track and Field.

In 1996 she became a member of the UTEP cheerleading squad. Not only did she travel across the United States as a college cheerleader, she also had the opportunity to cheer at Bowl Games and NCAA basketball tournaments during each of her years on the squad. In 1990 she was named as coach of the UTEP cheerleading squad.

During her years in college she began coaching gymnastics and cheerleading at a local gym club. After graduating from college with a degree in Music Education, Cheri began coaching gymnastics on a full time basis.

During her coaching career Cheri has coached high level gymnasts and cheerleaders in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Michigan and back home here in Windsor.

Cheri was instrumental in trying to build a resurgence of cheerleaders in the city of Windsor coaching teams for the Essex Ravens and helping with the re-launch of the cheerleading squad at the University of Windsor.

In 2005 Cheri had the opportunity to coach under Miss Beth Johnson (Vizion Cheer) at Deborah’s Stage Door for the performing arts. After experiencing the excitement of Competitive All Star Cheer she decided to bring the sport back home to Windsor and started Northstar Cheer Inc.

Coaching experience:

• Assistant Coach PAC Gymnastic, El Paso TX
• Head Coach El Paso Aerials Gymnastics, YWCA
• Team Coach, Blue Magic Gymnastics, Las Cruses NM
• Team Coach, TOPS Gymnastics, LaPlace LA
• Women’s Head Coach, Rose City Gymnastics, Windsor Ont.
• Kinder gym and Team Coach Winstars Gymnastics
• Kinder gym and Special Needs coach, Rose City Gymnastics,
• Team Coach, Floor specialist, Olympia Gymnastics, Shelby Township MI
• Assistant Coach, Cheer One Fury! Rochester Hill Mi.
• Director and Head coach Northstar Cheer Inc.