Demo Day is fast approaching!

Good morning!   Demo Day is fast approaching!   We are very excited to see the kids’ performances!!

Makeup /  Bows /  Uniforms
Makeup and bows are ready for pick up from your team rep.   Team reps, please see an Executive Committee member if you have not picked up your package.
If you ordered a uniform, we will get back to you on the status.

 Parent Volunteers Please!!!
Friday 5pm – We are looking for parent volunteers for Friday night at 5pm to help prep the gym floor for pick up on Saturday morning.
Saturday 9am- We are looking for parent volunteers to be at the gym for 9am to load the U-Haul truck with the gym floor, and then help unload and set-up at Villanova High School.

We hope that Parents come forward and help make this event a successful one for NSC and our athletes!

Thank you.
NSC Parents Club