Experts Uncover 20/20 Vision at NSC!

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Northstar’s own Nina Ducre has been named to top World’s Team Vizion 20/20. Nina Ducre ventured over to watch a workout with her mother our owner and national judge Cheri McCurdy, when asked if she would like to join the workout, coaches were immediately impressed with her natural talent and excellent coaching. She was asked to join the team on the spot and offered a scholarship! We at NSC could not be more proud! Lets all support Nina as she dawns anew uniform and travels down the road to Worlds after ten years with Northstar Cheer! She will be missed, but will join alumni and former teammate Zachary Justice on the team. Congrats Zack!


All ages all levels last chance June 25th 10:00 am

Missed Team Placements? Don’t despair! Don’t miss this unprecedented second opportunity to be evaluated for our teams. (Or call for a Private evaluation). There is no experience necessary and the athletes, should come dressed in shorts and a T shirt with hair up. The athletes will be evaluated on tumbling skills, flexibility and movement. Experienced cheerleaders will be tested on level specific tumbling and jumping skills, and strength to assist in placement on the appropriate level team.

We offer full travel, full commitment (1 year) as well as full competitive local (1 year, limited overnight stays), local prep with full and half year commitment (local competitions). We have a team for everyone! We have recreational classes and except Jumpstart. Don’t miss out! (US travel required for all teams).


Last Chance Tryouts