Fundraised Money

We wanted to let everyone know that there be no refunds of any fundraised money. The money once donated to the Parents club is the property of the Parents Club and an accounting of the commitment is kept to ensure that each athlete has contributed according to the amount agreed upon. If an athlete does not complete the year and has a balance with the Parents Club that money is still the property of the Parents Club. The money shall not be refunded. Any balance shall first be transferred to NorthStar Cheer Inc. to satisfy any outstanding fees owed, including but not limited to early withdrawal fees. The balance may be transferred to an immediate family member who is still a member of the club or another family member at the discretion of the Parent’s Club, but shall not be transferred to any other unrelated athlete simply to avoid having the money used by the Parent’s Club. Any balance remaining if an athlete quits that does not go to NorthStar cheer Inc; and that cannot be transferred to a qualified relative, shall be attributed to the “Angel” fund such that families in need of assistance can apply to the board to have an amount attributed to their commitment. Any application on behalf of an athlete in need must be accompanied by a brief explanation of the need; and that family must be in good standing with NorthStar Cheer Inc. If all competitions have been paid for prior to the early departure of the athlete and there is NO Credit balance then the parents club may be owed money.”

Thank you,
NSC Parents Club

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