Parent Information Update

Part 1

Coach Cheri and Coach Linda have scheduled parents meetings next week (Tuesday June 24th & Wednesday June 25th) at 6:00, at the gym, to go over the information in this attachment and field any questions associated with the information. Your attendance is required at one of the meetings as there is a lot of information to digest in this attachment and any questions you have will be answered as these meetings. The upcoming cheer season will have many exciting new changes from the way things have been done previously at NSC so PLEASE ATTEND one of the scheduled meeting nights to fully understand how things will be different.

Also, these will be the nights when you register with the Parents Club so please bring a $100 post dated cheque for the MANDATORY gas raffle. This will also be your introduction to the new board.

The payment of the competition fees to the Parents Club will be done differently this year as we will require 5 post dated cheques. So please bring 5 cheques for that as well and we will explain that night how this will work.

Part 2

As you are aware, we are making some changes here at NSC in order to raise the competitive level of our teams. We have adjusted our competitive team-training season to become more in line with the training seasons of our competitors.   Competitive training has begun and will continue to begin in June in the future with level training camps. The camps will give athletes the opportunity to work on their skills along with athletes who are working on the same skills. Their training level will not dictate their team placement. We will place athletes where we feel they will make the best contribution to the team. Following the Training Camp there will be a two-week break where athletes can work with individual coaches and further develop their skills.

Once the training camps are completed we will assess the athletes based on their skills development, fitness level and ability to work up to the expectations of the competitive level that they are being considered for.

There has been some confusion with respect to how we are choosing the teams this year and some misunderstanding with respect to the statement indicating that teams will remain open until the end of August 25. August 25 will be choreography that athletes will be required to pay for, those who have not been in attendance prior to that date will not be placed in the routine. We will accept athletes as alternates after that date. Those athletes who come in new before that date and have never been enrolled can be considered depending upon the skills that they already possess. We understand that this is a new way of doing things and there are adjustments for all of us. Because some returning athletes had already committed to other activities for most or all of the summer and are unable to attend training camps, this year of transition we will allow athletes to do alternate training, privates and boot camp, during the gym shut down to attempt to catch up to those who have been training consistently to be placed on a team. Athletes can be assessed for team placements if they have worked with a coach during the summer breaks.

The week of July 21 to July 27 there will be skills training camps. The skills training camps will be scheduled according to teams and will cost approximately $50.00. Following the skills training camp there will be a two week break where athletes are able to work with individual coaches should they choose to strengthen their skills but there will be no regular practices. Practices resume August 11 and teams will be preparing for choreography. Choreographers from Vision and Trilogy will be here in August and it is important that all athletes be in attendance August 25.

Labour Day Week end will be off and then we roll straight into full competitive practice with routines and skills ready to compete. Gone will be the days of scurrying to construct routines and learn skills in September. We will be ready and with the full commitment of parents and athletes we look forward to a fun positive and successful season.

Thank you and have a great day, Northstar Cheer Inc.