All-Star Cheer, Full Travel Teams

This program is for those who aspire to high levels cheer competitions. A tryout is required for placement onto these teams. A full year commitment (July to April) is required and a $300 withdrawal fee will be charged to any member leaving the team after choreography has been purchased. The goal of this team is to qualify for and travel to “the Summit” end of year cheerleading championship. Overnight travel will be required at the expense of the athlete. These teams will practice 3 times a week with an added Tumbling class required. Practices are mandatory from September to April. Attendance at skills camps and a Choreography clinic is required. Athletes must purchase a team uniform and team practice attire that must be worn at practice. Parents meetings will be required for upper level teams.

We will offer Level 2 and level 3/ 4 depending on enrollment and skill level

Total program cost including Tuition, Membership Fee, Choreography, Skills camp and competition fees:
$2,322.10. Uniform and practice clothing not included.

(Must be paid at registration or in 8 payments (July-February) by direct withdrawal or preauthorized credit card payment)

**Some cost may be adjusted to reflect the U.S. /Canadian exchange rate.