Prep All-Star Cheer

Since its introduction in the Cheerleading industry, Prep All Star cheer has grown at an amazing pace. This program offers a more affordable option for athletes who would like to participate in All Star cheer without the financial and time commitment required for full All Star Cheer.

Athletes have the option of committing to the team for 6 months as apposed to a full year. Practices will be held once per week and the athlete can opt out of competitions that do not fit into their schedule.   They will have a less expensive version of our team uniform and will only travel to competitions that do not require an overnight stay.

Prep Cheer is offered in Level 1, level 2, and level 3

Total program cost including tuition, membership fee, uniform and competitions:
Half Year Option– $781.40  Full year Option– $1301

(Fees can be paid monthly or at the time of registration. Monthly fees must be paid by direct withdrawal or pre-authorized credit card payments.)