Tecumseh Corn Fest Winners

Hi Parents & Athletes,

Some of you may have been aware that during the Tecumseh Corn Fest Parade in August, there was actually a Judges table for 6 different categories. NorthStar Cheer was placed in the Specialty Groups category. All groups are judged on scores 1 to 10, based on Presentation, Originality and Overall Effort.

We just received an email from the Town of Tecumseh, advising that NorthStar Cheer won 1ST Place in Specialty Groups! Way to go!! Northstar also won last year for Specialty Groups! Two wins in two years. Let’s go for the Threepeat next year.

We, Northstar Cheer and NorthStar Cheer Parent’s Club, would like to again thank everyone you participated and helped out! It was greatly appreciated.

Great way to start off the 2014-2015 Cheer Season!

NSC Parents Club